The issue

Iron deficiency affects up to 22% of Swiss women. Despite this, Swiss women often do not associate their fatigue and other symptoms with iron deficiency. Thus, they don't consult a Doctor.

Market insights

To better answer this unmet need, we have started to dig the behavioural factors responsible of the lack of action taken by Swiss women.

Through insight mining workshops and scientific literature review, we have understood that most symptoms of iron deficiency (like tiredness, mood swings, lack of concentration) are often perceived as «normal» by active women.

For them, it is normal to be tired and sometimes on the edge when you are a mother, a sporty woman or simply active !

That's life

Our solution

We have launched an omnichannel humoristic awareness campaign on iron deficiency showing that the «life symptoms» could hide an iron deficiency.

We have created a series of 30 videos for the main digital channels of our audience: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

We have also conducted street interviews to gather testimonials from Swiss people and we have reworked the campaign website: /

Our omnichannel campaign was strengthen with 2 online sponsored articles on one of the most read Swiss media but also with online banners and the optimisation of Google Search Ads.

The omnichannel campaign was also using print channels with posters and awareness cards displayed in doctors’ waiting rooms.

Our results


40 million impressions

The campaign assets have been seen over 40 million times across all channels. On the same budget ratio vs 2022, that is 2x more impressions !


3 × more

Our main key performance indicator, the number of conversions,
was multiplied by 3 compared to last year (on a normalized equal budget).


Conversion rate:

Conversion was the number of iron deficiency symptom questionnaires completed on These questionnaires allowed Swiss women to realize that they should consult a GP for a potential iron deficiency. We went from 15’000 to 71’000 completed tests with a conversion rate
3.6x higher than market benchmark !


165 366 visitors

165’366 website visits, with 71’000 questionnaires completed.


-10 cents /click

Not only did we perform great, we were also efficient with a cost per click inferior by 10 cents vs the market benchmark.